We wrote our second test this past Saturday on Human Resources and Marketing and I just want to say that it was really fun and had me thinking a lot, don’t know when last I used the thinking box.

The test started just after 9am and we had an hour to write the first test, a ten minute break and than the second test of the day. It was really difficult but lots of fun. I want to say thank you to Ahmed for the way he conducts the sessions, it really makes us feel like we already very successful entrepreneurs and for sowing so much into our lives, we really appreciate the huge sacrifice you are making for people you don’t really know. About the test, everyone seemed very optimistic about scoring some good marks, some said that they felt it a bit easy and others not so easy but everyone was very positive about a good outcome.

Our classes will take a little break for a few weeks and than resume in mid July 2011, so I want to wish all the Entrepreneurship participants all the best with their results and not to lose focus over this period when we are taking a break but to continue to look at how they can make their business ideas better.

All the training that we do with our participants in the community has no cost to it, that is why Rlabs is having a Winter Campaign, so feel free to click on our campaign and make a donation and be part of Rlabs bringing Social Media for Social Change to our communities. We appreciate your support.


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