The morning started a bit late but we were in for a session that we will not soon forget. Ahmed was his usual self, very positive and confident, excited, personally I don’t think he knows how to be anything else.

The topic of the morning was Sales and one of the fundamental things emphasized by Ahmed is the importance of delivering on your promises and believing in your product. So whether you delivering a service or selling a product, you have to deliver as promised. Everyone is immediately taken by the wisdom that flows from the 34 year old successful business man and even when he was challenged in a debate about sales, the man won hands down, there is clearly no substitute for experience. Everyone participated in the discussions and feels that they gain so much more knowledge in the discussions.

So what have I taken from the session? Entrepreneurship is fun and exciting and at the same time lots of hard work, but we are all learning and receiving guidance from a successful Entrepreneur, thanx Ahmed Kajee for sacrificing your time.

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