The class is very exciting with Ahmed being very honest about the way he is doing business. The guy is oozing with confidence and knows exactly what he is talking about and he is quick to rectify you when you speak out of line, ‘that is in business, I mean’.

Some of the feedback that I received from those attending the class was, “Ahmed makes you feel comfortable but also challenges your mindset, he creates a very positive atmosphere and you never feel left out of the class” and others were saying, “he so passionate about Entrepreneurship and he makes one feel the same way and that the work is very informative”.

He brings to the table his own experience in business which makes the program so much more exciting that those attending cant wait for the next class. He has about five successful businesses and is always looking for the next deal. Some of the quotes I took form the last class is ” always stay true to yourself, never rip people off and know your worth.


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