On Saturday Etv Tech Report (Etv) visited RLABS to do a story and some filming on what we are doing and how we are using Social Media to empower our communities. They arrived to at RLABS round about 1.30pm and started almost immediately with the interviews and gathering information as to how RLABS came into existence.

They did an interview with Marlon Parker the founder member of RLABS and then later requested to interview some of the staff and management team. They selected Craig Ross (Innovations Manager at RLABS) and Monique Ross (She’s The Geek, his wife) to tell them more about their stories and how RLABS had helped them in their recovery.

Craig and Monique both come out of a lifestyle of gangsterism and drugs and have amazing testimonies. Most important of all they are using what they have learnt to help others that have been in the same boat they (on drugs) have been. Look out for Etv’s new show and the story of RLABS.  Etv will be back at RLABS on Saturday to do a story of Marlon Parker’s new initiative: JamiiX.

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