John-Morgan Daniels

I was given the job title of Coffee Roaster at a coffee roasting and manufacturer in Cape Town. My supervisor told me that I should go around the factory to check where I could help with the packing of products when there was not enough coffee roasting to do. At first, I didn’t like doing that because I felt that my learning in roasting and the use of the machinery did not happen. But over time, I began to enjoy the packaging aspect of the business. Next, I started learning how to print the stickers used to identify all the coffees and teas of the business. And soon after that, I was assigned to do the picking of retail and online orders.

I received positive feedback from the managers of the business, saying that it is a joy for them to direct or correct me because I never take offence when they try to help me. I’m proud to say that the managers refer to me as a fast learner with a positive attitude, and hardworking. I do have more learning to do and whilst doing that, continues to enjoy every bit of the work experience and opportunity given to me by RLabs and it’s partners.

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