Over the last few weeks the RLabs Academy in Cape Town, South Africa has really been growing from strength to strength. With more than a hundred members being empowered with various skills from Social Media, Entrepreneurship, Multimedia to Mobile and Software Development. A new exciting project a partnership between RLabs Academy and MoVigo Technologies will be extending its educational services to more of the community members in impoverished parts of Cape Town.

The project objective is simple providing basic technology training for community members based on the number of Facebook Likes achieved via the RLabs Page. MoVigo Technologies will sponsor a learnership to a training RLabs Academy training programme for every 50 Likes on the RLabs Facebook Page.

For example if we achieve 10,000 Likes on the RLabs Facebook Page then 200 learnerships will be sponsored to community members. So why not join the Social Revolution and make a difference in the lives of others by a simple “Like”.

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