Efforts and courage are not enough without purpose and direction. – John F. Kennedy

As the interns finished their life purpose statements and creative expressions earlier during the week it was time they went on a hike to explore leadership aspects to discover more about themselves.

The tribe was excited for the hike as some really loved the great outdoors. The hike started with two tribes divided into four bands and while walking they were tasked to get to know the members in their band a little bit more. Asking each other questions such as how many siblings they had, their favourite movies and their shoe size. At their first stop, each member of the tribe including the leads got to say what they learned from the tribe members. A tribe member was responsible for looking at the map and direct us in which direction we are supposed to be headed.

As they continued the momentum, the hike was still at an all-time high. Their next stop was at the bridge where they met up with the other bands and took a tribe photo. They then continued their walk a little further so they could do their next team building activity. The group had to form a circle and sit on each other’s laps and get their photo taken. Then they had to try and move in a circle still in that position and chant their tribe name. Before they were on their way, the tribe leads asked a different tribe member to check the map and see what direction they should be heading next

The first real obstacle that the tribe was challenged with was, having to stride uphill for about 20 minutes. As a team, the interns encouraged each other, wanting to get through this together. Many had fallen short but valuing the ability of not leaving one behind was a pillar of strength amongst them. Meeting the peak of this vigorous journey, they were allowed 1(one) hour of silence and alone time with nothing but themselves and the nature that surrounds them. Self-reflection on the questions given to them and the intake of nature was quite beneficial for them says a tribe lead from one of the tribes.

The idea that the interns went home with is if you know where you are heading and have a clear view of that path. Remain consistent and always persevere, despite the obstacles.

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