2014 has kicked off to an exciting start for RLabs, with the launch of the RLabs Iringa in Tanzania and the GROW Leadership Academy (GLA). Immakulata Carlos, a 23 year old single mother, is one of the GLA students in Tanzania whose life has been changed since joining the programme.

Before joining the GLA, Immakulata spent 2 years earning a living as a domestic worker in the region of Dodoma in Tanzania. It was then, during her time as a domestic worker, that she fell pregnant and was to return to her village. She was later introduced to the GLA programme after meeting two of the RLabs Iringa Living Lab members. After giving birth to her child, Immakulata then set her mind on joining the GLA and thereafter going back to the city to resume her job as as a domestic worker.

In less than two weeks after joining the GLA programme, Immakulata had an experience that changed her views on life, her current situation and her future plans. Immakulata says that her father has always encouraged her to start some business, however she did not see it fitting for herself and her only thought was to become a domestic worker again. During the week of entrepreneurship classes, something sparked off in Immakulata and she made a decision to venture into entrepreneurship.

During that week of training, Immakulata took her ideas home and decided to put it to action. She spoke to her parents about her plans and then invested from her savings into buying a pig. Along with her chickens, she plans to make money selling her livestock. Immakulata’s dream is to become a successful entrepreneur in her village, creating employment for her people, as well as being the biggest supplier of livestock in Iringa, Tanzania.

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