RLabsU Strand has wanted to offer support to our communities during this time, and there is no better time than now. I decided to partner up with The RLabsU Strand Hub Manager Yonela Khohloko to accomplish this goal. My name is Robin Ruki I’m the Co-Hub ambassador for RLabsU Strandfontein. 

During October, the RLabsU Strand team spread their efforts throughout, in training and leading their community as well as assisting others in different communities. With the support of the RLabsU core team, we offered and facilitated three micro-courses, namely Social Innovation, Entrepreneurship and Small Business Management. 

It was such a humbling experience being part of the team, with many lessons and gratitudes coming from every side. Sometimes, things were unclear and others never went as we imagined. But we worked hard to concentrate our focus where it counted, with our students.

The Hub did well and did so regardless of the hurdles it went through. The commitment from the team was evident as always, and everyone was completely grateful. 

Many of the students assumed leadership roles, with everyone rising to the occasion. Some of our students are now also re-looking their businesses.

And in the words of Catherine Pulsifer : 

“A determined person will do more with a pen and paper than a lazy person will accomplish with a personal computer.” 

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