My name is Gabby Mullins, I like to describe myself as talkative, shy, hardworking, creative and one who likes to be challenged. Before joining the RLabs Skills Accelerator program, I was unemployed and struggled to find a job. When I completed my matric, I wanted to take a gap year to find a job and become independent, and also earn money to be able to go and study later but due to COVID-19, things didn’t go as planned. Being unemployed was depressing as I was at home and wasn’t able to find a job, but I didn’t give up. I kept on searching and applying for jobs and I believed if something is meant for me it will come at the right time.

When I joined RLabs, I was happy because not only is the RLabs family amazing, but I got to learn new things every day. I also met new people and gained skills and knowledge each day.

I then joined the Skills Accelerator program. I was very eager to learn even more skills and gain some more knowledge as I like to challenge myself and was willing to learn more and more. I’ve learned, for example, Google Apps and how to create my website. Every Propal session is where I learn more skills and gain more knowledge as I go along and I enjoy every step.

The challenge I can think of was struggling to submit my deliverable to Google Drive but with the help of my leads and all the Propal sessions, I was then able to do it all.

My highlight is being able to learn something new every day and being challenged. I enjoy every moment of it.

This is my first time earning an income. It helped me become independent as I was always dependent on my parents and now I can buy the things I need on my own and also give back to my parents.

To those who are unemployed and looking for an opportunity, you should not give up searching and if something is for you it will come at the right time but don’t give up hope.

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