As the first semester in the RLas Academy is drawing to a close we decided to treat and have the Geeky moms class in an outside space.We took them for breakfast to Golden Feather Spur in Vangate Mall and also to have the Geeky Moms session there.In this session the moms did tweets,blog posts,updating their Facebook fanpage and lots more social media activities from their breakfast tables. Here is a blog post by Wendy Jefrries , one of the geeky  moms students and her experience of the session:

WHAT A SURPRISE by Wendy Jeffries

This should have been my blog for last week , but at least I have a chance to do it today! The geeky moms was really surprised on Saturday morning the 18 of June 2011 we were told that we are going to be doing our geeky session outside of the academy, so each One grabbed a PC and off we went, was it a great surprise!! We were taken for a breakfast at Spur in Vangate mall and did our session from there. This was a super experience to sit amongst so many people and do social media the other guests who had their breakfast there as well must have wondered what was going on with us. We had such a lovely time and to crown it all we were taken to Mug&Bean afterward for something to drink and a slice of cake by one of the geeky moms, then a guy came along and gave each of the geeky moms a beautiful red rose WOW! What an awesome geeky morning.

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