Moms planning their session

This year we are taking some of the participants from last year’s moms.3.0 class, (which forms this year’s Geeky mom’s class), to the next level in their journey with social media. Craig and Brent, 2 of the geeky mom’s facilitators decided that it was time for the moms to step out of their comfort zones. They asked the geeky mom’s participants to facilitate the next mom 4.0 class and the regular facilitators would co – facilitate along side them.

This was something new for the geeky moms but they handled the situation well.  When hearing about their task at hand they immediately started mapping out what they would do with the mom.4.0 class. They decided to do: “Blogging from mobile phones” with the mom.40 class and during their planning session put together a presentation and decided who would be speaking etc. Well done to the moms for taking the bulls by the horn and taking on this task with much enthusiasm. Can’t wait to see the results of next weeks class.


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