Every weekend at RLabs is special. We believe that in order to grow as an organisation, we have to give back to our community. We have many of our past students coming back every weekend to co-facilitate in our Academy and give back what they received.

The Academy kicked off our weekend to an amazing start with Digi Kids on Friday afternoon where the students were introduced to Gmail and were also taken through some of the basic Netiquette Rules (How to conduct yourself online).



Saturday morning dawned, and it was time for our Women in ICT Faculty to welcome back our Moms 7.0 class for their second week. They covered Gmail and they also familiarized themselves with quite a few of the Google Apps.


At the same time our Entrepreneurs were taken to the mall to test their product in the real market. The Entrepreneurship class focused on the “5 Why Analysis”.


Back in the main hall, the Photography class focused on camera settings and functionality. Ricky also took them through some basic rules with regards to group photos.


Overall, we can definitely say that we’ve had an amazing weekend, because we had a chance to do what we love… Give Hope.


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