Melanie Beukes is a 25-year-old female, born and raised in Strandfontein. She matriculated in 2010, then studied Administration. As soon as she ended her studies she started working in retail. Her mother then introduced her to RLabs and in 2014 she then joined the organization.

It all started for Melanie in June 2018. She was sitting in her lounge fully clothed with a blanket around her body and she was still getting cold.

I started speaking to someone asking them to imagine how cold underprivileged people in undignified environments are getting, let alone those without shelter. That is what triggered this initiative.

She comes from a very exciting entrepreneurial background. Her family started a tuckshop at their home a few years ago and also ended up selling those items at school. She enjoys helping those in need and many people tried getting on her path to see how she does things. Her main aim is for people to experience her end results.

Melanie now buys things knowing that it would be given to those living in undignified communities, which makes it now exciting for her to give back without wanting to receive

Melanie’s main focus is giving back with a PURPOSE and also to inspire other people to try and follow in her footsteps to give back and make a change in other communities.

The service that she renders is addressing hunger issues and provides people with clothing and other items for those who are less fortunate. She now sees the meaning of giving back because she was exposed to it at a young age. This is just an opportunity to pursue her dreams and make it a reality. She is trying to make room for those who are passionate about assisting people in the same manner that she is.

Melanie was one to always tag along with her parents when they would go to underprivileged communities to hand out various items such as clothing, soup, non-perishables, etc.

The future plans for Giving With A Purpose is to go to different communities twice a week to make a change and GIVE BACK. She wants the project to at least make people feel comfortable in their communities and to let them know that there are people out there willing to give back with the least they’ve got.

Her advice to other women is for them to be brave and take the risk. She wants more of those people that are willing to help and give back to the community, people that are ready for change and people that believe the world could be a better place just by GIVING BACK to people that could be YOU.

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