Like all rivers, our lives are distinct and flows accordingly, it leads to an inevitable point where we become vulnerable and allow Growth and Change to alter our lives.

To understand where we are going it’s often said that we need to know where we’ve been. A lot can be said for the GLA students as they courageously shared their stories, pinpointing significant events of their lives that is so yet to define who they are.

Knowing the significance of their stories, it is Important to understand why we go through what we go through, and within your identity lies the answer. A self-scrutiny of their river of life permits a unique approach to know who they are.

On this Leadership Bootcamp, we believe in the practical approach of things, having the students navigate their way through a series of challenges with the guidance and assistance of others and the encouragement of their peers respectively.

Having created the bond the students have, a discussion was carried out to teach them the importance of “living from the soul”. Living from the soul allows one to differentiate between blessings and curses, life and death, and the value of wholeness.

Looking forward, the students will now become interns and be challenged with a series of tasks to help them develop in various areas on the job with a play and learn approach. Watch the space to see how they grow exponentially!

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