On a beautiful Saturday morning, 07 March 2015, we entered our radio studio in our reception area, where we try to give the rest of the world a feel of what RLabs does at the RLabs Academy. We decided to interview some of the students, who joins us every Saturday morning from 8:30 until 12:00. Gaynor was the first student in the studio, she was in her second last week of the Entrepreneurship Class and we wanted to get to know her a little better.

Gaynor started off by saying that she does a lot of community work and, in particular, loves working with children. She is a rugby coach at Sunnyside primary which is where she heard about RLabs. She came to register one of the children in her community and eventually also ended up registering herself for a course in the RLabs Academy. Gaynors’ profession was in the financial field, which of course led us to the question, why Entrepreneurship? Her answer was inspiring: She doesn’t want to be stuck in the corporate world forever, and is therefore starting her business. As part of her undertaking she wanted to learn more about the business world and what it meant to be an entrepreneur.

We also wanted to know what she will be doing with the knowledge acquired, besides starting her own business. Her response made us truly proud. She has and will continue to go around to the people in her community who have small businesses and advise them to come do the Entrepreneurship course where she has learnt so much already. This is the kind of response that encourages us as RLabs, to spread the word and to help other people reach their goals. Those responses not only encourages us, but we too encourage others to have the same kind of mindset.

Lastly we asked this amazing woman to leave the listeners with encouraging words and she did not disappoint us: “Unemployment is the biggest challenge this country faces. People should come to do the Entrepreneurship course and start their own businesses. Educate yourselves as much as you can.”

Up next was Carmen from the Geeky Moms class. She is a 38 year old woman with three kids of her own and two daughters from her husband’s previous relationship. A family of 7 all living together. Her youngest child is in Grade R. This wonderful lady has been through a lot when she suffered from a stroke. She just thanks God that she is here today, healthy and strong, going about to fulfill her dreams.

“Why RLabs?” was the questioned posed to her, “empowering myself” was her answer, followed by “the courses became more and more interesting as they continued”.

It was also her second last class and we asked her to tell us how she felt about it? In response there was one word given “sad”. However, she also pointed out that she was already registered for a new course next semester, Project Management, which she is definitely looking forward to. We can most certainly say that this is a woman who loves a challenge and is always eager to do something new.

Her words of encouragement: “Never give up, always believe in yourself and have faith”.

These two women really inspired us and they left us with so much to think about. They are educating themselves following their dreams and being powerful role models in their communities. What is stopping you from doing the same? Don’t allow your age, whether young or old, to hold you back.

Go for it!

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