GROW comes to an end for 2014

The GROW Leadership Academy has been a huge part of RLabs since 2011, when it first started as the GROW digital boot camp which only ran over a period of 5 days.

Over the last few years GROW has gone from 5 days, to 18 weeks and now to the way we know it, 12 weeks. The last 12 weeks has been phenomenal as we’ve come to know each of the students. Our GROW Leadership Academy interns have also grown tremendously.

The type of transformation that has taken place is not one that we could possibly overlook, even though the transformation has been more mental and emotional than physical. Its something that will touch the lives of many if its told. If you don’t believe us, see for yourself…

Johnson Ngiku, “I’ve learnt new stuff about how to be reliable and responsible for your mistakes and be better and how to be strong and believing anything is possible. My attitude and character has changed, I had a lot of doubt and fear but Grow has made me believe that my dreams are achievable and not impossible.”

Grant Johnson, “The course did really exceed my expectation and the knowledge that I’ve gained is very useful to me as I am using it right now to help others. In the leadership class I’ve learnt how to deal with my past and see the good in it. The entrepreneurship class has inspired me to see value in more things and changed my whole perception of entrepreneurship.”

We believe that the GLA Team has done an exceptional job at ensuring that hope was made contagious.

Well done to the team and we’d like to wish the all the students all of the best as they venture on and experience even greater things.


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