The GROW Leadership Academy officially kicked off at the RLabs Jozi hub (in Johannesburg) training and developing youth in and around the city.

The first week of the programme commenced with 16 students covering and unpacking the topic of Leadership. Over the five days, these were the topics covered within the Leadership stream:

  • River of Life

–  The students reflected back on their life’s journey, thereafter presenting it to their peers in the form of a river.

  • Dream Busters

Through Dream busters, the students were able to look at events and barriers that kept them from achieving things and ways in which to  overcome it.

  • SMART Goals

 – The SMART goals activity helped the group to become goal-orientated through setting SMART (Specific, Measureable, Attainable, Relevant and Time-Bound) goals for themselves.

  • Conflict Resolution, Communication and Mediation

As part of Leadership the groups looked at Conflict Resolution through role-plays and thereafter mediating between two parties and dealing with conflict.

In the next two weeks the GROW Leadership students will be journeying through Entrepreneurship and Community development, seeing how they can solve social ills in their respective communities.

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  1. We’re still waiting for your management to confirm the availability of the Grow Academy course material. Our team is ready to participate, learn and share your vision with entrepreneurs in Uitenhage and Port Elizabeth. Please remind Marlon Parker of our request to gain access this curriculum.

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