Another amazing opportunity has come! Join our elite Youth development course, GROW Leadership Academy. Building leaders within our communities to tackle the issues we face as South African citizens on a daily basis. If you think you can make a difference within your community and in this country, this course is for you!

Click on the link and sign up today! Take a step into growth and change, take a step into Grow Leadership Academy.

Keenan Henkeman – one of our graduates having his experiences shared on GLA.

Opportunities come and go as swiftly as the wind blows. Don’t be drifted aimlessly to an undetermined future by going with the flow. Take action, be in charge and begin to make a difference within your own life and the community respectively. Many have come and many have succeeded, be the one of many to succeed and overcome the odds. Be apart of the Grow Leadership Academy and don’t only be a spectator to change but be the change.

“GLA has the sense of high school and the feel of university by having no restrictions in dress code and minus all the rules in school. Everything started off great meeting new people and engaging with people I’ve never met before.

Keenan Henkeman

Being apart of the GLA felt good, because I knew my heart was set on just learning for a year, after coming back from employment the year before. What I’ve learnt at GLA was very helpful, learning about self-discovery, making us aware of things we think we aware of and equipping us with skills for the world.

School offers everything you need to know but how to handle, GLA does a tremendous job at that – preparation for the future. GLA is a place where theory and practicality meets hand in hand.

At the time as a student and artist, GLA has influenced the way I wrote and conducted my music, tackling obstacles, a boost in interest, a lot more organized, structured and goal driven.
The Attributes I’ve developed in GLA and the opportunities that comes with it has taken me abroad both physically and perspectively.”

The Grow Leadership Academy offers essential skills to help develop and master the potential you harness – like Leadership, Entrepreneurship, Digital and complex cognitive skills like design thinking and problem solving.

My advice to young people is:

“Seize the moments that are before you instead of planning for future moments that get lost in the abyss of time.”

– Orly Wahba

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