Yoma rewards users for completing challenges, impact tasks and course opportunities made available to them on the platform.

These are steps to follow:

Step 1: Click on the opportunity of your choice and view details about opportunity eg: Description, Zlto amount, Skills obtained.

Step 2: Click “Go to opportunity”, if you wish to participate. You will be redirected to the page to complete the opportunity/course/challenge.

Step 3: Upon completion, return to the listed opportunity, click “I have completed this”.
🔴Remember to complete the details required eg :start date and end date of completed opportunity and request verification.

Step 4: *Submit proof in PDF format.
🔴It is very important for you to submit proof in PDF format stating that you have completed the opportunity/course/challenge.

🔴Please note: Your submission will then be reviewed by the Yoma team by a set of criteria to prove it’s legitimacy. This process would take up to 3 to 4 business days.
Once the user’s submission has been approved, their rewards would be redeemed successfully.

If you have not submitted your previous course/opportunity proof, please email it to help@yoma.africa.


cc: @unicef @cartedoedu @rlabsza @zltorewards @ureportnigeria @genunlimited

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