My Name is Rushana Dudley, I completed Matric in 2018. My sister helps me every step of the way as I have lost my parents at a young age. We have struggled to survive month to month with putting food on the table while having to pay rent at the same time.

I was not sure what to do after high school. I was introduced to RLabs and this helped me in many different ways; I started coming out of my comfort zone, learned new skills that helped me in the business world, I learned how to address certain issues and improved my communication skills.

I had the opportunity to work for RLabs with the Zlto team as my first job experience which has not only helped me understand the world of work but also helped me to earn an income to help my sister financially, which makes things much easier for us; We can now pay our rent and see to our needs.

The modules on the Yes Apps helped me throughout my working experience as it gave me advice on how to survive when in a job as well as helped me with managing my finances when it comes to budgeting.

I have gained so much from this experience, my work colleagues became like family and I got an opportunity to help other people who face similar situations as I have. Being able to help people is such a blessing and is something I’ve always wanted to do no matter where I ended up in the future.

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