The past week, our team in Cape Town set out to do training with a group of youth at the Chrysalis Academy, empowering them in Social Media, Entrepreneurship and life skills.

The week kicked off with presentations, orientation and preparation for the week ahead of empowering the youth whom come from different walks of life. The five day programme was off to a good start after the group were signed up on Google’s Gmail, experiencing communication via emails. After all the fun with Gmail, the group of youth then adventured through the rest of Google’s apps; Images, Translate and Maps, allowing them to see their homes on their PC screens. “The highlight for me was being able to send an email and also using Google Maps to see my house using a PC and the internet” says Melissa Cupido, one of the participants. Later through the week the excitement only increased when the participants discovered they were able to create, share and engage their stories, after being given a digital voice through the use of blogs.

The week ended off with a day of Entrepreneurship, generating ideas and birthing potential young entrepreneurs. Completing the five day journey of fun and learning, week was then closed off with a graduation ceremony, celebrating the success of the young Digital Artisans and potential Entrepreneurs birthed at the Chrysalis Academy.

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