Photography Principles, a 10 week course offered by the RLabs Academy is drawing to a close this week. The 10 week course has been an amazing journey for the 18 students/participants who showed a full interest to the short learning experience.

The RLabs Academy has revolutionised photography by projecting hope to people through the lens of a camera. For some of the students, photography was seen as just pointing a camera and snapping a picture, and to others as just another hobby. And to the uncertainty of career paths for some of the learners, the class seemed to have brought them to a place of stability as to what their passion and purpose in life is.

Throughout this 10 week period, for many of them it became more than just a photography course, but a business opportunity and career that would want to be pursued. Robyn Carsterns, one of the students shares her experience below:

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  1. Really excited about what’s happening not just in Robyn’s life but everyone thats involved!

    Keep going forward in Him

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