Last Friday, RLabs in Cape Town hosted the CASS Business School executive Masters Class where our team had an opportunity to share the journey of RLabs along with the impact of the work we are doing. This is in an ongoing partnership between CASS Business School and RLabs.

Some of the highlights shared on the day with the students:

– RLabs started in 2008 in a single room where the global movement was established and operated during its first 3 years of operation.

– RLabs provided more than 4 Million people access to mobile support services through its applications and web platforms.

– Since launching the RLabs Academy in 2009 more than 27,000 people accessed training and development services.

– RLabs have expanded its reach to 21 countries.

It was also a wonderful opportunity for the RLabs champions to share their stories with the CASS Business School participants. Overall it was a lovely morning and we want to thank CASS Business School for visiting RLabs and being part of the movement of making hope contagious.



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