I have fallen, fallen in love with Radio …

Gooooood Morning Welcome to the Tuesday morning Breakfast show with myself

Christine Nicola Taphel alongside my incredible and crazy co-host Dailen Jacobs. This I wouldn’t want any other way, he sure is one of my favorite people, I love that our paths has crossed. I would refer to it as an arranged marriage went right. Together we have found common ground that this project does not belong to us, every guest and listener is the best thing that has ever happened to us and no matter how despondent we may feel the day before as matter of fact as close to a minute before, we go live, we pray together and promise ourselves to have loads of fun.

Radio to me is merely driven by passion, on so many occasions I have referred to it as my happy space, my authentic place, the space I simply get to share a huge piece of me. Through radio I have given you permission to formulate your opinion based on the sound of my voice and rhythm of my heart, my face you will never see. I think this is it, this is what I love most about Radio, the colour of my skin, the size of my body, the fact that I’m shorter than the average 29 year old and that my hair will never curl or go straight naturally, will never matter first and this is what I thought needed to be fought for until I discovered the power of radio.

Radio has changed my perspective of the world completely. There are so many of my colleagues, friends and family I thought I knew until I had the opportunity to have them share their aspirations, life experiences, to their genre of music and what they actually get up to on their off day is mind-blowing. Then there are those individuals whom I have spoken to for the very first time conducting an interview to which they have left me astounded, in tears. It is precious moments such as this, that has swept me off my feet.

Yes, I have fallen, fallen deeply in love with Radio.

A special thanks to all our RLabs Radio supporters, listeners, guests, and a special thanks to RLabs for giving us as presenters and producers the opportunity to share our heart’s with the World.

Written by Christine Taphel

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