My name is Kauthar Palmer and I graduated from the Grow Leadership Academy at RLabs in 2019. Thereafter, I found employment through the YES program, as a Programme Associate Assistant intern for RLabs. My team and I compiled and completed content for the NXT GEN bootcamps and I co-facilitated a Robotics Bootcamp. I worked with various youth and learned about leadership, communication, and agility.

I overcame a fear of speaking on the phone and asking for assistance through telephone etiquette training. My journey has been pleasant and insightful. I gained some valuable experience as this was my first job and earning an income was the best feeling ever.

My life before the Yes Program was okay but when I got employed it was exciting and worth waking up for. As time progressed, I felt misunderstood by many but I still enjoyed the experience. I feel comfortable in my own skin and I am ready to move on in whatever way.

The YES4Youth apps have been a great help as it gave me some sort of idea of how the workplace operates.

My advice for unemployed youth out there is that they should take every opportunity that comes their way. It has been a privilege for me to work at RLabs via the YES program.

After the YES program, I am going to start looking for a permanent job as I don’t think I am mentally or physically ready to go study although I have applied at some colleges and universities just in case the permanent job doesn’t work out.

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