IAM Hendrik circles back for an encore exhibition at RLabs House.

IAM Hendrik circles back for an encore exhibition at RLabs House, astounding the attending mass of Mitchells Plain community members.

What makes for an idyllic destination? Think back to the place that holds its perfect view in your mind’s eye. Was the image that you thought of a memory of a family holiday or a solo trip. Whatever memory you recall, artist IAMHendrik brings to life with his landscape photography.

The initial artwork, from the luscious green fields and windmill in its background enters view may make many a millennial double take, as the scene of a particular four panelled computer desktop is remembered. At least that’s what I felt, the echo of the shutdown jingle playing in my mind.

I digress, however, the artwork of one IAM Hendrik draws the viewer into its picturesque scenery. From the image of clouds in motion to the quiet forest and mountain views; each image lets you into the quiet and steady mind of an artist that finds beauty in spending time with himself and the nature he surrounds himself in, in the early mornings of each day. An access not often shared by the man of few words, but an access much appreciated nonetheless.

Another stimulating performance at the RLabs House from the wisdom-overflowing Gracia Nicholls, a poet whose words grip the audience and release them with a sigh of satisfaction at the end of her breath. The Worcester storyteller, accompanied by acoustic music, was an accompaniment to IAM Hendrik’s art like the sound of wind rustling through the trees on a peaceful sojourn through the forest.

A familiar name among performers is the renowned Mitchells’s Plain Music Academy which has performed at the Mocha Lounge, a for hire venue in the heart of Westridge Mitchell’s Plain.

In the Second edition: RLabs House First Thursdays improves and builds on the momentum of previous editions. Each turnout is different from one another. However, the IAMhendrik and Friends exhibition’s turnout brought an audience that was more hungry to consume the artworks in a medium less thought of as art in local communities. Communities were awakened to the art form that is photography with each breath-taking piece.

Those idyllic scenes previously mentioned were brought further to life with the showing of artworks from Joshua Heldsinger and Dailen Jacobs, both of whom are friends of Hendrik Louw.  Joshua, who is a freelance photographer and filmmaker, provides a unique perspective on the art of photography, its vibrance, and its ability to pull emotion from the viewer. Dailen, better yet known as Drenzo, captures imagery that draws the viewer into even the minute details on the canvas.

The Westridge Dlab parking lot and hall were bombarded with many community vendors whose wares and services were on display for all to purchase and experience, and they did. Foods were sold, presents were bought and massages kept the building buzzing with excitement and contentedness. Some familiar faces were vendors that displayed their products and services from the very first First Thursdays.

A beautiful addition to First Thursdays was the performance by street dancer and locum dance teacher, Nicole Benting, whose fluid movement and back-breaking dance captivated the audience of RLabs House to the calming tempo of the softened music. Ms. Benting, with a background in many forms of dance, aspires to have her dance studio, entertaining her audience, wanting to inspire individuals to find joy in the form of dance and spread street dance in our communities.

Another addition to the art madness was Genesis Music Foundation which stirred up the hearts and bodies of the audience in the Mocha Lounge, with renditions of oldies but goodies and love filled songs of the present. Even I, Dearest Readers, had difficulty staying still when the saxophonist started singing a new favorite of the masses.

When all was said and done, our community members left with a deep satisfaction of time well spent. If you, Dearest Readers would like to view glimpses of our past First Thursdays, head over to the RLabs House social media pages and keep a look out for the next First Thursday.

That’s all for now Dearest Readers. Until next time.

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