The Innovation Incubator and Accelerator program at RLabs is in its fifth month now and we have officially crossed the halfway mark.

One of the teams, DevTraders, formerly known as Rasmi Traders recently conducted usability testing for their application. DevTraders is an application that provides informal traders the exposure they need to promote their services and conduct their business by using their mobile phones. This idea was sparked at the Trade Transparency Hackathon in 2012.

The incubatees, Suzanne and Wendy, conducted their usability testing on a Saturday at the end of May with six members of the Geeky Moms class. With the help of another incubatee, Nicole (What’s Your Price), they allowed the moms to interact with the application with a short interview session before and after.  With usability testing, Suzanne and Wendy are able to assess how easy their application is to use. They are able to test the functionality, efficiency, and application errors. They can then use their findings to make improvements on the DevTraders application.

The ladies thoroughly  enjoyed their first testing session. They are motivated by how interested the participants are in their application. This is only the first of many sessions to come. As the application is under continuous development it will be necessary to conduct more usability testing sessions in the future. The ladies also got a lot of insight into the market and potential customers.

“Suzanne and I will be going out to create awareness around the DevTraders application. We will be going to at least 3-4 groups on a monthly basis and will be making use of the little rooms allocated at libraries within the communities.” – Wend

“The moms said that DevTraders will be an amazing tool for the communities and they were very interested in hearing more about the application. One thing that stood out for me was when one of the moms said that there are many people within our communities who have skills but they are sometimes very unprofessional in selling their products.” – Suzanne

DevTraders will also provide people with basic information on how to conduct business professionally and ethically.

Along with their new name, DevTraders also has a new slogan: Uplifting and developing our communities through technology.

All InnovIA projects are set to be launched on the 10th of October 2013.

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