Cohort 2 of InnovIA started on the 19th of June this year with five startups joining the program. The spaces used during this cohort included the RLabs main hub, UCT Graduate School of Business, and Greenpoint Coworking.

InnovIA is RLabs’ Innovation Incubator and Accelerator program which supports local entrepreneurs in Cape Town. This cohort is now complete with their weekly sessions, which they’ve been attending for the past 10 weeks. On the 15th of September, they will do their final presentation which will be their business pitch.

They have all seen growth in their startups since they have begun the program and they have learned a great deal to take with them once they exit the program.


Startups and highlights


JobLife Find job seekers closest to you who meet your requirements, within minutes.

“The facilitators gave us assurance that startups must change faster when testing assumptions.” – Asad Patel, JobLife

The team at Joblife were able to pivot faster and with more confidence since being a part of InnovIA. They were unsure at first if they were doing the right thing but as time went on they found their feet and explored alternative revenue streams.

Emtalk Emtalk helps companies to reduce absenteeism and increase retention and productivity by providing psychosocial support through our Employee Assistance Programs via multiple touch points.   

Nina from Emtalk has signed on KFC as a retainer client. In the August issue of The Bay magazine for women’s month, she was featured as an inspirational entrepreneur. She has also had a mentorship with Margaret Hirsch of Hirsch’s Homestore.

TrackGrab TrackGrab allows independent artist, producers, and Dj’s to upload and share their music and track fan engagement.  

Brendan from TrackGrab has made the decision to attend more music related events in order to network for his startup, setting up a meeting with Own The Block CPT being one of them. He has seen fast growth in his startup since it’s launch. His platform has gotten international users from countries such as Zambia.

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