Incubatees at RLabs have already spent several weeks in the Innovation Incubator to define and develop their ideas. These weeks can be described as a period where the space were buzzing with so much creativity, excitement and progress. This of course would not have been possible without the rest of the team at RLabs who ensured that incubatees are well equipped with the resources and support to embark on their new journey.

The incubation period started with a workshop session on the Business Model Canvas. A specific focus was placed on the Value Proposition and the Target segments that incubatees have to understand. This in turn has lead to the understanding of the Minimum Viable Product and extensive research and competitor benchmarking that helped the incubator teams better understand the positioning of their concepts in the market.

Ideation and synthesis sessions were then used  to re-define the main objectives, while exercises like “Future headlines” allowed developing short-term and long-term visions for the concepts. Individual and group mentored sessions on business development and human centeredness were held for identifying major user groups and user cases. The month culminated in an open presentation event where the incubatees pitched their MVPs to the rest of their team mates at RLabs.

Inspired by this pitching session we are very excited about the following months where incubatees will be busy building prototypes and testing their concepts with real users. Stay tuned for more exciting updates about the incubatees, their progress and new working space.

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