On Friday ,10 October 2014, the InnovIAns attended the South African Start-Up
workshop where Luthando Dyasi from GoVarsity had the Opportunity to pitch
his Start-Up. When asked how it was, he said: [that] “I never knew that
the stage would be that big” he also went on to saying that he was running
a bit late but it was an amazing experience and that he was grateful for
all the opportunities RLabs has provided him with.

With only 10 days left, the InnovIAns were given an opportunity to demo
their Start-Ups to help them prepare for the launch.

The InnovIAns did a pre-pitch on Monday (13 October) where they presented
their presentations to Craig and Lindsey and received some constructive
criticism: Thus they are now able to go back and improve their
presentations before the 23rd October.


We managed to speak to EduGreen’s co-founder, Michaela and this is what
she had to say about the upcoming launch; “I feel normal, maybe excited to
a certain extent to show what we’ve accomplished during the 9 months spent
in InnovIA”


We also asked her what she’s looking forward to after the Launch?
“To set out more goals and continue to work towards achieving them.”

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