The RLabs InnovIA Launch was a huge success. Three start ups were launched namely, EduGreen, GoVarsity and Hoja. 

The evening started with a some entertainment arranged by TalentSpark where the guests had some time to mingle and grab a few snacks. It was great to see everyone coming together to celebrate the successes of these young social entrepreneurs. 

Each of these start ups has a strong focus on “people”, meaning that their focus would be around creating a solution for a social issue/illness.

EduGreen’s aim is to “educate people around the renewable energy industry in SA, domestic use of renewable energy products and the costs involved. The building section provides you with D.I.Y schematics on how to build your own Renewable Energy devices, from Solar powered cellphone chargers to solar powered light bulbs.”

Hoja focuses on “providing a platform for quick deployment of apps on multiple platforms. No coding skills required. Instantly live. It’s really that simple.”

GoVarsity, “Our platform is developed for mainly high school and University students. To get all the support and information regarding the higher learning through media contents and life experiences.”

We know that the road ahead is not all roses and sunshine, but we believe that these entrepreneurs are doing amazing things and we wish them all of the best as they move forward in their pursuit to make a change.

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