InnovIA Lets Us Mind Our Own Business

Entrepreneurs had a chance to put their minds to their businesses these past few months at the InnovIA IGNITE Sessions powered by RLabs. Entrepreneurs from the community gained access to a series of Business Readiness training and other Entrepreneurial Programs such as IEP. 

The IGNITE Program is conducted over two days; either virtually or full-day in person by the RLabs Innovation, Incubator and Accelerator (InnovIA) team and is open to all SMMEs who wish to know who their ideal target audience is if their solution solves the problem in their community. The program seeks to prepare you for the future of your business, unpacks your values, vision, and mission and helps you create a business model canvas that potentially enables you as the business owner to join the Accelerator or Incubator Programmes through RLabs.

These sessions were launched in January 2022 and have impacted over 60 SMMEs thus far and aim to impact 1000 other businesses by 2023.

If you are interested in taking your business to the next level you can contact the InnovIA team via email: or WhatsApp: +27 68 019 6510

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