The Innovian teams are setting goals and mediums on how to get the word out there. They’ve been identifying the amount of people that they want to reach, who they want to reach, how many are active users, and how they plan to do so (Medium).

The following is GoVarsity’s Goals and Mediums:


  • Our Reach is High Schools in Khayelitsha.
  • Have 100 students signed up.
  • Have 50 Active Users.
  • Get at least one university involved at the moment.


  • Workshop/Sessions at schools.
  • Facebook
  • Word of Mouth

GoVarsity would like to achieve these Goals before the Launch which will be in 4 weeks’ time. Craig Dumont mentioned what the InnovIAn teams have to showcase the night of the Launch.

These are a few of the key elements they need to focus on:

  • Showcase things you never knew when you started in InnovIA.
  • Innovation of how the Idea moved to the product stage.
  • Adoption of your product.
  • Your Value Proposition.
  • The experience of the user.

The teams are all hyped up for the launch but a bit nervous as well. The InnovIAns have all been out to schools and to our Youth Cafes to interact with their users.

The RLabs InnovIA Launch will definitely be something spectacular. We’re so excited for the next few weeks as the build up to the launch begins…

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