Over the past three years RLabs have trained and empowered hundreds of community members on the use of Social Media for Social Change. The programmes include: The Reconstructed, Mom 2.0, Senior Mobile Sessions, Social Media for Teens, Social Media for Non-profits and Social Media Surgeries (Above Brent helping a community member at one of our surgeries). With this resource of people who are currently engaging with Social Media, an important aspect for us was how do we sustain these activities and could we create employment opportunities for the local community.

This gave birth to the world’s FIRST Social Media Factory, where trained community members who are unemployed are given opportunities to create extra income through being part of a team managing social media strategies for businesses, organisations, schools and public figures. This means that those who are in need of having their Social Media Strategy being managed or outsourced not only get access to these services at very good prices but also the teams implementing these strategies will consist of a mix of experts and community members. Exciting when a housewife who have no other form of income can use her Twitter skills and manage the Twitter stream for an organisation via her mobile phone. She would then be rewarded for each tweet thus being able to make a basic living via the Social Media Factory system.

The launch of Social Media Factory will be February 2010 and we hoping to see a global use of the Social Media Factory. We are excited to see how using Social Media, community members can be empowered and unemployment addressed to ensure our communities are reconstructed. Any organisations or businesses who would like to register for services with the Social Media Factory can contact us and we will send more details closer to the launch.

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  1. This is a super cool idea and will hopefully help create exposure for local talent and much needed guidance and support for local businesses.

    Break a leg.

    1. Thank you Phil for your support and we really excited at how this initiative is expanding. Definitely lots more to look forward to.

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