We are excited to be starting off with the Introduction to Social Media programme this evening. Awaiting the +77 candidates that registered a week ago, we were glad to see them all back and ready to educate themselves with the power of the Internet. This programme will give learners an overview and experience in the use of popular Social Media tools. A 20 week course that will run to foresee the following objectives:

– Understanding of Social Media and its context

– Identified tools that could be integrated into organisation’s vision and objectives

– Introductory level of hands-on experience using social media tools

– To use mobile phones as possible social media devices

During the session all the learners gathered for a Social Media presentation that was presented by a special guest, founder of She’s the Geek, Monique Theron Ross.

Everyone being inspired and were excited to hear of the different tools they will be using and even more excited to find out what flavour they will have for the movement of empowering and engaging fellow community members with the use of different social media platforms on the web, a place that before tonight has been outside their boundaries.

This leaves me to a quote that says ” When you wake up in the morning you have two choices – go back to sleep and dream your dream, or wake up and chase these dreams”. Tonight we have a group of people who have joined the Social Revolution and chasing their dreams…


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