Last week on the 7th November 2012, a team set out to Kleinmond to do Social Media training with the group of youth workers from UCSA. VCSV/UCSA is an organisation that focuses purely on guiding a new generation to a new purposeful lifestyle.

The training was a one day workshop session which was purely about social media empowerment and creating a social media strategy. During the first half of the session we did a group activity looking at what a simple social media strategy would look like with regards to the goals, vision and mission of the Organisation. After the groups had done their brainstorming, they then presented back the possible Social Media strategies and tools that could be used to vehicle their message of ministry. After a short lunch break, the groups then got their hands dirty in the various social media tools such as Blogger, Facebook and Google.

After a one day workshop training, the group of people from VCSV/UCSA was all empowered with their own email accounts, blogs and they created their own Social Media Strategy.

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