iOS App Development Training with Swift

iOS App Development with Swift

As Junior software developers we; Brendan Cupido and Neil Fouten were always excited when the organisation allows us an opportunity to advance our skills. On August 8th, we were afforded an opportunity to attend a workshop at WeThinkCode_, situated at the V&A Waterfront. Enthusiastic and ready to learn we were welcomed in the space with a warm cup of coffee and a muffin.

There were many friendly and aspiring students to become future iOS app developers, one happy surprise was a previous RLabs Java student turned WeThinkCode_ teacher in the space – Itumeleng Letimile. Truly, being taught by someone that at one time was a student and now our instructor felt amazing, when at one time we were his previous facilitators teaching him Java.

In this course we learnt about apple software called “XCode” and how to code in playgrounds; Playgrounds allow programmers to add in Swift code along with markdown documentation. The facilitator was a Welsh Lecturer named Chris Price and had worked in the iOS app development field for more than 40 years.

One of the tasks was to build an iPhone app using Swift. Swift itself is a dependency of the XCode software that Apple has designed to make it easier for users to create iOS apps.The app we built was a button on a screen that changed the background colour when clicked upon. Sounded simple enough, right? We subsequently used an iPhone simulator to test the app that we build.Seeing the enthusiasm of other students that also attended the course and the willingness to learn caused us to be even more grateful to have that opportunity given to us. This reminded us why we took up coding, to learn and acquire more skills.


Even though it was difficult to learn Swift programming and to understand the User Interface (UI) of XCode, the workshop has demonstrated a new skill set that we did not have before. We have grown our skills as junior developers and especially as technology progresses more significantly into the future it’s important to seize every opportunity.

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