Tonight was one of the most amazing experiences we’ve had in RLabs where we saw our little baby JamiiX growing up and taking its first step. JamiiX is a web-based platform that has been incubated in RLabs for almost 3 years and having the opportunity to make it public was a memorable one. Not only did we see the blood, sweat and tears of almost 3 years culminating into one amazing moment last night, but we also saw thousands of lives being changed and touched by the use of the JamiiX technology.

The launch dinner last night was also the opportunity to share with many individuals who have journeyed with RLabs and celebrating our first innovation that was created on the Cape Flats that will be exported as a global product and brand. It was also a good time just to reflect where we’ve journeyed from and we are looking forward to see JamiiX being used to break new barriers in Conversation Management on Social Networks and Instant Messengers. Our baby is really growing up and we excited to see it expand globally.

Source: Marlon Parker

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