I am Kamogelo Matshaba and before joining RLabs, I matriculated, then attended training courses at a centre. The challenge at that time was not having enough funds to do tertiary studies and in some courses, I did not meet the minimum requirements. I was strengthened by prayer and putting action into looking for something to do. Having a family member to support me helped. I believed in myself and trusted God. I also put the effort into looking for opportunities.

I saw a poster about RLabs opportunities in my community. I was unemployed and had no experience applying for a job since I could not do tertiary studies. In my community since it’s the first time we have had this kind of development, it has impacted youth. They can gain skills virtually and has helped them become more hopeful. Being with RLabs has helped me appreciate life, emotionally know how to overcome problems.

My main motivation to join RLabs was to upskill myself, learn and share ideas. It was one of the only opportunities available. I also needed new experience since being in an uncomfortable season, I needed to grow and learn skills that I can use to start a business. RLabs has helped me to be passionate about pursuing my career.

Kamogelo Matshaba

I have worked with the GapX finance team to encourage people to save money from their own experiences so that has helped me gain confidence in sharing information with people and being comfortable. I have learned to create websites, apps, and a portfolio without coding.

My experience has been great and impactful, the communication is effective, I learn skills weekly which helped me to be creative in starting a business that will impact the community. There are diverse people in the teams and we all come together and can share ideas.

My highlights are having culture sessions to start the week with motivation. I have also gained confidence in trusting my dreams that they will work out. Lowlights are sometimes not being able to complete some tasks. We had electricity problems which had an impact on our productivity and sometimes we couldn’t go to the hub to work but we as young people got through every challenge.

I enjoy using the Yes mobile apps as it helps me know the requirements or actions I need to take in the workplace to be professional and create an impact in the workplace. The reflection weeks help me to express how the week was. I like the fact that there are psychology programs so that you are emotionally balanced to deal with stress in a better way.

It’s my first time earning an income and it makes me independent and enables me to help my family and myself.

My advice to youth in my community is to be optimistic, do not give up on yourself. Trust in God and the universe that you are here on earth for a purpose, it will take time but patience is key. Follow what comes naturally to you as a purpose as well.

Thank you for equipping me with skills that are relevant in the workplace that I experience.

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