Keenan Erasmus covering a digital session in GLA (2016 GLA Graduate from Hindle Park, Blue Downs)

Keanen, completed his first year in Travel and Tourism at False Bay College in 2015, but unfortunately could not complete this. He then decided to do everything in his power to make sure that his dreams will be fulfilled. Keanen, joined GLA in 2016 with an aim to increase his knowledge in entrepreneurship and digital media. The GLA programme pushed him to believe that his dreams of owning his business were possible. After GLA, Keanen worked as an e-Tutor at Callforce, tutoring foreign students in English. During his time at Callforce, Keanen also completed the TEFL course and received his official certificate. He is currently working at Webgrowth, a digital marketing company and academy, where he liaises with students and content management. He has also started his own music school, Sync Music Academy, for people of all ages, training them from beginner, intermediate and advanced phase. Keanen, is also responsible for the CFC Music Ministry Band, where he fulfills the Music Director role.

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