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I am Keisha Shanice Christians. When I joined the RLabs Yes program, I was placed at Daily Grind and now I am a developer which I never thought would happen and I also have my own beautician business.

My future is being shaped. It has been difficult but through God, anything is possible with hard work. I now feel mature and open-minded about life, I see everything differently now.

I joined RLabs because I wanted to learn more and I was lost in life when it came to my career path. I wasn’t sure what I wanted to do but after my mom told me about RLabs, I grabbed the opportunity with both hands and now I enjoying every minute of it. The work environment has taught me skills I get to use outside of work and it helps so much. I feel so proud and excited to share my experience with my family when I get home from work.

I struggled to do HTML, Javascript and CSS in the beginning but my highlight is that now I can do many more things than I couldn’t. I struggled with web development as well but can do it with full confidence now.

This experience has taught me a lot and has shown me things that I never knew. I met deadlines, I never gave up. I am very proud of myself for getting this far, many people my age get opportunities such as this which is why so I am very grateful.

My advice to youth out there is to take any opportunity you get because you don’t know what you’re good at unless you try, and don’t ever give up. After all, you don’t know where that journey might take you in life. So seize every opportunity.

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