Animation & Design Bootcamp


Frequently has it been where kids have dazzled us by there ever and prodigious form of imagination, that us as “much older” burden ourselves with achieving. There’s a lot we can learn from our kids and what more effective way to find out by equipping them with the necessary skills to perform just that. Kids In Tech 3-day Bootcamp – a holiday program fixated to encourage our youth aged between Nine – Fifteen (9-15) years to not only stay off the streets and bored at home but to utilise a skill they find themselves interactive on a daily basis.

The Kids came to understand, learn and experience a new world and a new insight into animation. Content we’ve covered over the duration of the school holidays. On day one (one) We’ve looked at the introduction to Animation. What animation is and how it’s used and design their unique city in the sky.

In and between programs, the kids were introduced to fun activities, icebreakers, energizers to keep their youthful spirits and energy alive. Meals and breaks were given to keep them focused and active during their learning.

Day 2 (two) of Kids In Tech Bootcamp. The kids began exploring the platform of video animation @videoscribe and designed their own animation consisting of their draft – City in the Sky.

Day 3 (three) of Kids In Tech Bootcamp. Each student, grouped with another has been provided with the opportunity to present their animated city in the sky done by @videoscribe in front of their friends and family.

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