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RLabs has once again had the divine privilege to host a Kids in Tech Bootcamp during the school holidays in July 2018 for children aged 10 to 15 from various communities in Cape Town.

In the three-day boot camp, we’ve introduced the concept of Prototyping, Graphic design and Web Design. With these concepts, we’ve shown them platforms namely, vectr and wix on which they were able to design and create.

Upon arrival the kids signed the register, had breakfast and went on to play board games with the likes of chess, scrabble, snakes and ladders, 30 seconds etc. and make some friends before we started the session. We also had them build with Lego blocks to create their own game and with this activity it allowed them to be imaginative and creative. Once the session commenced, in RLabs tradition, we started with a check-in.

The Design Thinking methodology is prominent in our approach to spark creativity, so to kick off the three-day boot camp we started the first session with Prototyping. One of the aspects of the design thinking methodology that allowed them to sample their designs. We presented them with a topic, to create their Dream School. They were separated into groups of 4 – 5 kids and each group was given the task to create an aspect of their dream school, for example, school logo/emblem, architectural layout, school uniform and school transportation. They were supplied with materials like paper, pencils and crayons to create their prototypes.

We went on to the concept of graphic design and then had them practically design on the platform, they used the prototypes they’ve created as a guide in this activity. Next, we covered the concept of web design in which they were able to design a website to display the design they’ve created and also added details about their dream school.

In the final segment of the boot camp, they’ve presented what they have designed and created over the three days to their parents, peers and facilitators. The kids were then celebrated and awarded with certificates for attending the three-day boot camp.

Kids in tech: Design Botcamp

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