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Taryn Abrahams a 24-year-old male from Hanover Park, Newfields. He loves football, art, and technology. He comes from a family that strives for individuality and independence and through this he strives to do his best in any situation given to him, always trying to improve, empower or uplift the next person.

He is involved in youth development and believes that irrespective of them just being a certain percentage of people on earth, they are 100% our future. Being exposed to the worst side of life at an early age made him understand why education, mentorship, and recreational activities are so important during the development of youth.
Having the ability to influence people with positive activities and seeing the change in their behaviour positively gives Taryn the satisfaction of being a community leader. He saw an opportunity to give back and improve the environment for kids for them to feel safe and express themselves. The need to uplift youth one step at a time keeps him motivated.

Taryn has always loved football and as he grew older, he picked up important lessons in life. He kept asking himself “What mark can I leave?”. This drove him to continue empowering youth and to be the person that people can lean on. Give With a Purpose helped Knights FC become more flexible, giving them room to impact more lives in the community.

The goal is to build a community of togetherness and encourage collaboration so that no one feels that academic marks set people apart. What really matters is the good you doing for the next person, how can you learn from life’s setbacks, build resilience to never give up, and to always strive to improve yourself.

To anyone who wants to start their own project, Taryn encourages “DO IT! The start may be easy or hard, but the important part is that you start. Create value and people will see that value sooner or later. Believe in what you do, continue to learn more about life and about yourself, because the more you learn about yourself, the easier your life decisions will be. Take the risks, you either learn or fly, but never fail.”

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