Leadership, an attribute that extends beyond the means of leading, beyond the satisfaction of being ahead. Leadership, the ability to serve and to put others before yourself. Leadership, having the courage to take initiative and display authenticity. Leadership, where you level yourself in the greater pursuit of a given or unseen purpose.

We all lead in different ways, ways that acquire affection and love and ways where authority is present for an exchange of passions and ideas. GROW Leadership Academy, a place where Leadership is the first look. A place where we put our differences aside to lead with love and to set apart all conflict.

The Leadership Bootcamp, a series of breathtaking, life-altering sessions that allows vulnerability and openness to have a clear and approachable path. The Leadership Bootcamp explores the wildness of one’s heart and the genuinity of their story, an approach that meets everyone at the place of commonality and disregarding judgement and shame.

The River of life. A personal journey that personifies the ventures of a river, from where it starts, to the end of its line. What makes life overwhelming is its unpredictable state in which we live it. It is thus important to visualise your life and to dream in place of what you would like to be in the many years that you aspire to become.

Identity – an aspect that’s equally important in the pathway of your life. Knowing yourself and where you have been the key to know where you are headed. When trials and tribulations come and you don’t have an identity or something that will keep you grounded, you will be swayed from side-to-side like the wrestlers’ wind.

It is important to know who you are as an individual and to know your values so that you can build a legacy for yourself and continue the works you are known for long after you have passed.

Being a Leader isn’t just about being ahead, having the authority, turning heads and having the pull on people you lead. Being a leader takes responsibility, to be an example, submission, patience, integrity and love.

Leading with Love makes an ordinary leader to a good leader.

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