Rlabs Academy is a place where creativity and social innovation is encouraged and appreciated.  Recently, Project Management groups  have come up with amazing demonstrations of what a quality and successful community project would look like. Below are some of their visuals and explanations.

The picture on the left represents togetherness; an objective this group is striving for. Their community project is an awareness campaign about children with disabilities. In their visual, they illustrate that a smile on the faces of  children, would be the ultimate sign of a successful project. And then there is a visual from a group that plans a Spelling Bee event. This group aims to encourage kids from their local community to read and write. And according to them, “fun” would symbolize a successful project. In the visual that follows, another group is planning a health awareness project. This group illustrates that the best way that they would ensure the quality of their project, is by creating an opportunity for the community to experiences the project through all their senses.

Another group found inspiration from a takkie (shoe), to illustrate the elements of a successful project. They have used the shoe as a symbol to demonstrate the following:

  • Footprint: The legacy to leave behind
  • Sole: The foundation which is unity
  • Laces: Planning that brings everything together
  • Size: The people they wish to impact

It is certainly encouraging to observe the abundance of creative ideas and good intentions coming from the Academy. As observed in the above illustrations, there are certainly  many opportunities to make a difference and bring happiness to others.







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