Thursday, 5th December 2013, two of our champions which is also known to be South Africa’s young Global Shapers spearheaded a project that this time round brought together almost 30 youth from and out of the GROW Leadership Academy. Let’s Grow is an RLabs initiative that aims to bring youth and leaders together to impact, inspire and solve social ills, sparking off entrepreneurship and an action driven youth.

This one day event consisted of plenty fun, games and talks, all enhancing the chances of the youth to share and engage with each other at the Graduate School of Business in the Waterfront.

Stuart Minnaar, the founder of Studentology, joined the Lets Grow team in brainstorming some miraculous ways of making the day productive and effective. In doing so he also coordinated most of the day’s activities. The group was given three themes to work on and be solved; Education; Social problems and Unemployment. The themes were divided into three stations; which allowed the youth to work at a station addressing a problem closest to their hearts. Although focused on one topic, each group had an opportunity to spend at least fifteen minutes at a different station, giving them time to collaborate and innovate. After each rotation the groups would then build on the previous group’s ideas, problems and solutions.

The day ended with the three groups having tasked to go out to the V&A Waterfront for 45 minutes to test these tangible ideas and coming back with videos captured and some feedback. The youth are now afforded a space online, “The Let’s Grow community” (myletsgrow) where they can go to and keep in touch also provided mentor-ship support through this platform.

We look forward to seeing many more Let’s Grow events and continuing the journey of making hope contagious.

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