“Leveling the socio-economic plane field one Virtual Sandbox Sprint at a time.”

The Innovation Lab is the main driving force behind RLabs’ Social Innovations, Research and Development, Technology and Design focus. During 2020/21 Sandbox, a core focus area within the Innovation Lab, using Rapid prototyping and Lean methodologies to build market-ready products and business models to test in the market, conducted through a series of Virtual Sandbox Sprints. These Virtual Sandbox Sprints utilized elements of Design Thinking Methodologies, UX/UI Design, and Entrepreneurship and were segmented into the following three phases:

The Refine Process

This section focuses on an Introduction to Entrepreneurship that entails the mindset as well as the skillsets & characteristics of an entrepreneur.

The Brand Pulse section looks into the purpose, vision, mission, and values to build a strong brand foundation for a business. This allows the participants to understand their personas they are designing for.

We dive into the  Business Overview describing how a business createsdelivers, and captures value. This allows the participants to understand the products and services they offer to their customers, who their business competitors are, identifying a suitable market strategy, and how their businesses can generate revenue and scale. 

The Design Process

This involves the creation of a project name and tagline for a business, designing logos, colour schemes, typography styles, icons that best reflect the solutions that the participants have created, as well as the Pitch Presentation which gives a brief overview of a business plan, product and service.

The Build Process

This is where the building and digitizing of the beneficiaries’ solutions took place. In this phase, the participants would create WebApps and websites that would best serve their customers.

To date Virtual Sandbox Sprint had 50+ participants join as well as 32 impactful solutions that were developed during 2020/21.

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