Something new and fresh has aroused for me this week. I had the opportunity to play a directors role for a movie shoot at Impact Direct / Rlabs. Nathan Thys who is a filmmaker and working in the British film industry for a few years, who did a workshop with us on movie making. We started 8am and ended 9pm, during this time, we did the introduction to movie making, movie shoot and editing.
Each of us had to come up with a movie idea (story) which we pitched to the team, and who voted for two best movie ideas, that we had to shoot at the end of the day. The first vote went to Clinton Liederman a comedy of a man who was locked out of his house half naked and had to jump the walls of the neighbour to get into the house. The other vote went to Terence Hendricks, a thriller story of a girl that was sold to gangsters.
One of the projects in the Rlabs space is the Social Media Events where we will do the live blogging, twitter, flickr, zoopy, youtube etc. and give our client a copy of a edited cut dvd video of the event we have taken on that day and this is where the movie making workshop will come into play. The team got enough skill to do a great film shoot.

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